Meet us at the Smart Energy Marketplace – 19th June, Sandy Park, Exeter

Can energy retrofits create heathier and more productive working environments?

Tomas of SE3D will be presenting in a shared session at the 2018 Smart Energy Marketplace in Exeter on how we can design healthier office environments that greatly reduce energy costs and at the same time improve staff productivity and reduce sick leave.

Typically the major operating costs to any business are staff costs and wages and research has demonstrated that our working environment have a significant impact on our performance.

Tomas will share his experience from having worked in the field of healthy, low energy building design for over 10 years and present some of the latest research on how building design and retrofits can improve staff productivity.

Come along and meet us at Regen SW’s Smart Energy Marketplace, Sandy Park, Exeter on 19th June from 10am. For more info follow

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