Vegan Design

There has been a steady rise in vegan offers and demand is still on the up not least due to the impact from food production on climate change – but what about the building sector?

Vegan building design?  

Deborah DiMare of invited me to take part in one of her webinars to talk about designing healthy bedrooms last week. Deborah has been specialising in vegan design for more than a decade and also provides an online designer’s course.

There is a growing demand from consumers worldwide to put an end to animal testing, animal derived products and healthier alternatives to enhance our well being. The community of socially conscious & health driven shoppers is only growing stronger, urging more and more businesses to offer vegan alternatives!

A vegan building product is one which does not originate from any living creature, is not an animal by-product and is not tested on animals. 

There are some obvious overlaps with Building Biology and designing for human well-being.

A vegan designer offers products, materials and fabrics that do not contain, harm, torture or exploit any conscious living being, human & non, nor harm our planet. Humane alternatives are healthier. Animal skins and hides that are used for furniture are treated with toxic poisons & chemicals that penetrate our skins. Vegan fabrics & products are -often- untreated, gentler, cleaner and overall healthier for new-borns, babies, children & adults.

If you are interested, the full webinar is still available on together with lots more interesting information.

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